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Susan Daimler

General Manager

Susan Daimler is the general manager of StreetEasy. She is the primary spokesperson for StreetEasy business news and is well-versed in both company and industry-related topics. With a tech start-up background, she can also offer tips and advice for entrepreneurs and women in tech. 
Susan joined StreetEasy as a part of the company’s acquisition by Zillow in August 2013. She joined Zillow in October 2012 after Zillow acquired Buyfolio, a co-shopping platform for real estate agents and their homebuyers, which she co-founded in 2009. Prior to Buyfolio, Susan co-founded the award-winning travel website SeatGuru, which was sold to Expedia in 2007. Before SeatGuru, Susan worked in marketing and client management. She has a bachelor’s in English from Johns Hopkins University and currently sits on their Board of Trustees.

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